5 Designer Clocks That You Can Hang On Your Home Walls

Clocks have evolved from a valuable item indicating time to a decorative piece over time, thanks to technological advances. Many people now hang a design clock in their living rooms, bedrooms, and dining halls to make them look more attractive. You will be searching for decorative wall clocks if you’re one of these people. These wooden wall clocks are great for hanging on your walls.

Buddha In Lotus Posture Wooden Wall Clock

Also read 5 Roman Numeric Clocks You Should Hang To Give Your Classical Home a Classical LookIf you want to create a calm atmosphere in your room and still display time, this wall clock is a perfect choice. This wooden clock features Lord Buddha in the lotus position. It could be a great way to encourage meditation every day. The wall clock is made from high-quality MDF wood. It has Melamine Wood Polish or Asian Paints that make it attractive. This wall clock’s brown color makes it a great decorative piece for any room.

Vintage SLR Big Wall Clock

This canvas-printed antique clock will give your home a classic look. This clock features an image of an SLR camera with lines to indicate hours. It was printed using high-definition photo printing technology. This is the SLR camera that was used in the past. It is also a vintage item that can show your affection for old things. This wall clock can be hung in your home to make it look more traditional and indicate the time.

Big Wall Clock

Are you looking for a mirror that creates an illusion or a clock that displays time in your home’s room? This mirror wall clock is the right decorative product for you if so. The mirrored clock features a round wooden design to protect the mirror and Modicare/Saint Gobain Glass from providing a clearer view. Besides displaying the time, this mirror wall clock will transform your bedroom or living room.

White Floral Shape Wooden Wall Clock

Also read: These photo frames and collages can bring about a positive change in your roomIf you’re looking for a wall clock with a floral theme, this wooden wall clock is the perfect decorative product. Laser-cut technology is used to create a flower-shaped shape on MDF wood of high quality, 5 to 7 mm thick. This wooden wall clock is a suitable utility-cum-decorative piece for a light/white colored room in your home. It will help you show your love for flowers and beautify any room in your home.

Forest Scenery Double Layer Wooden Wall Clock

Do you enjoy walking through a jungle or forest? This scene is what you would like to see in a clock. This wall clock is a great decorative and utility item. This clock was created using laser-cut technology and birch/MDF high-quality wood. It is attractive with Melamine Wood Polish and transparent matte varnish. It is also inscribed with Roman Numbers that show hours, giving it a classic look for your home decor.

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