Best Makeup Brushes

Finding the perfect makeup brush can be a challenge. There are many options available. The right Brush can be like finding your soulmate. You didn’t realize what you missed until you met them, and now you can’t imagine living without them. How can a person choose from so many brushes? Today, I’m going to share some of my favorite makeup brushes. We’ll also go over some tips and tricks to help you find your favorite brushes.

Here is a general rule: Synthetic hair brushes should be used for liquids or creams, while natural hair brushes should be used with powders. Let me also preface this by saying that while many of the meetings I will be discussing today are made of natural animal hairs, no animals were harmed in the process of making these brushes.

The Deluxe shader is a fantastic brush. This Brush is made from pony and oxhair and is dense but still soft. This Brush is great for covering large areas with eyeshadow. This Brush is used daily to apply base color on my eyelids and brow bones, followed by medium color directly onto my eyelid. You want to choose a brush that is dense enough to be able to apply enough product but soft enough for the paint not to be too intense.

The Crease Brush is my second favorite. This Brush has a long, soft goat hair handle with a tapered tip. This Brush is great for getting in the creases between my eyelids and brow bones. This Brush seems to deposit just the right amount of shadow, neither too dark nor too light. This Brush is also great for blending. This is the Brush to use if you’re looking for airbrushed, clean eyes. Keep your Brush soft. Brushes that are too dense deposit too much color.

The denser eye contour brush will also work well if you want to make your crease more intense. It is perfect for the area between the lids and the brow bone. The Brush can also be used to highlight the inner eye and brow bone with Purified Eye Shadow in colors such as Oyster and Bone. This is what I use daily!

The eye shader brush is the smaller version of Deluxe Shader. The pony’s hair is soft, dense, and short. This Brush works well for accent colors or smaller eyelids. This Brush is great for adding a pop of color to a neutral palette. I like to use it on the outer edge to add a purple or teal. This Brush is multi-purpose and must-have for every beauty bag because of its size and shape.

The Eyeliner/Brow Brush is not the last Brush for the eyes. This Brush has a flat, short edge with a blunt tip. It is also very firm. This Brush is synthetic, so it can be used wet. This Brush can be used to apply powder along your brows or lash line. The sponge tip on the opposite end is ideal for smudging. This Brush is my favorite tool to use when I want to be creative with eyeliner. After spritzing the bristles of my Brush with Hydration spray, I gently press it onto my eyeshadow color. Then, I gently press the Brush along my lashline, drizzle, and add more eye shadow as necessary. The “liner,” which is a liquid, will last for the entire day.

You can also use the Angle Definer Brush for the same technique. This Brush is cut at an angle rather than straight across. You can also use the Details Brush, which is great for lip liner, smudging, and more! These brushes are made of synthetic fibers so that they can be used for wet applications.

We asked a few beauty experts to share their best brush hacks. See their tips below.

To evenly apply cream concealer, I use a dense, flat brush with medium-to-short bristles like a foundation Brush. After applying the concealer, I blend it in using a dampened sponge to achieve a uniform finish and smooth coverage.

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