Discover How to Use Your Concealer Effectively

Many makeup products can be used in multiple ways. Concealer can be used to minimize the appearance of flaws on your skin, but it also has other uses. Our lovely aesthetician, Kristen, shares some different ways to use concealer in this video tutorial.

Apply concealer only after you have applied foundation. You will find that you need less product. You’ll use less concealer if you apply it first.

Red spots and blemishes

Use a green concealer to cover pimples or areas that are prone to redness. The green color will help to neutralize redness and give you an even tone. Cover the affected area using a concealer to match your skin tone. In this video, Kristen shows how to use Dermablend’s Smooth Indulgence Concealer.

Dark Circles

Draw an upside-down triangle below your eye. This is the most flattering method to conceal dark circles. This will hide dark circles and give you a lifted look that draws the eye upward. Try applying pink or peach concealer to cover up stubborn dark circles that have a blueish tint. In this tutorial, Kristen uses Jane Iredale’s Active Light Under-eye Concealer for a lifted look and Jane Iredale’s Enlighten Concealer for dark circles.


Use a body concealer to cover tattoos before a wedding, job interview, or other important event. Continue adding layers, blending them well, and adding more until the tattoo has been completely covered. Finish with setting powder to keep the concealer in position. This technique can also be used to conceal scars or birthmarks. In the video, Kristen uses Quick-Fix body and finishes off with Loose setting powder.

Under-eye puffiness

Mix a small amount of concealer and a few drops of liquid highlighter to reduce puffiness under the eyes. This will reflect light upwards and reduce the appearance of puffiness. We recommend using the Glo Minerals GloSheer Tint Base Illuminator because it is gentle and safe to use around the eyes.


It’s not necessary to use a separate product in order to highlight your best features. Use a concealer two shades lighter than the natural tone of your skin to highlight your cheekbones and brow bone, as well as your nose, Cupid’s Bow, and nose. Apply this concealer to the areas that would be naturally lit and blend it well. Jane Iredale Under-Eye Active Light Concealer works well for these areas.

Make the Most of Your Makeup

When you are in a hurry, concealer can be used as another makeup product. Use concealer instead of eyeshadow primer to keep eyeshadow in place. Is lip liner not available where you are? Line the outer lip with concealer to make your lipstick stand out and prevent bleeding and feathering.

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