DIY: Green & White Decor Repurposed to Look New in a Room

These DIY repurposing ideas with fabric and other materials are accessible and affordable. These use-what-you-have decorating ideas can be made with things you already have or new bedding and fabric you still need to remember.

You can refresh a room in your house by going on a “search and gathering” mission. This will allow you to locate items that match the color scheme you want to see in the room using things you already have.

I wrote about the new mattress in my guest room a few weeks back. Although I shared some glimpses of the green-white color scheme that I was using, the main focus of my post was on the mattress and frame.

After getting many emails asking about the items in my room and their origins, I wrote a post. I often get so caught up in writing the facts or a tutorial that I need to remember about sharing where I can buy items. This is something I need to do better. The post ends with a list of all the resources necessary to complete the room.

You all know that decorating with the Use what you have method saves money and gives new life to things you’ve been holding onto for some reason.

This was my first step in refreshing the guest room. I searched bins, boxes, and closets, looking for green and white items and colors that complement them. Below is an example of what fits my desired green and white scheme.

I’m known for using fabric of any kind to create a new decor in my home. I used fabric from a deck umbrella to cover kitchen chairs.

Remember any item. You might have a bedsheet you don’t use anymore in your linen closet. If so, you can cut it up and make a pillow cover or shade.

Get to know your taste, style, and favorite colors.

You may have followed my blog for some time and recognized some of the fabric remnants in the photo above. I will also show you what I did with them in the past.

Finding items for a room renovation is easier if you feel confident about your decorating style. These are my favorite decorating colors: white, green, blue, and pink.

In my case, this is precisely what happened. I loved the fabrics many years ago and still love them so much that I couldn’t part with the items made with them. The green and white throw blanket is one example. I also have the scraps/remainders, hoping that I will someday find a purpose for them.

What goes with green decor?

White is a great color to use when decorating with green. It creates a spring-like atmosphere. Pink, purple, blue, and yellow are all great colors to complement the green and white decor.

Here’s what I found to reuse and repurpose for my guest room refresh

These two Simple Throw blankets were made for me in 2011 when I moved to a new home. They have been in my storage since 2011, but I still love the fabric’s texture and color. One was cut to make two pillow shams and a cover for the throw pillow. I added a white quilt liner to the second throw blanket and pom-pom trim to match my new white pom–pom trimmed quilt set.

These Fringe-trimmed pillow covers I made for my living area sofa were taken apart and turned into shams of bed pillows. I thought about using the green pillows I made for my banquette bench seating in the kitchen of my last house.

The 3-Panel green Glaze Painted Decorative Screen that adds color to my living room was moved. I moved the blue tray-style night table from the living room to a white one in another room.

Two identical white lamps were brought into the room. The first was in my bedroom, and the second was in my craft room.

An old basket was stored in My Attic Decoration Stash.

I had two small white and green vases used in my living area in my decor storage. They were purchased at a local boutique.

A tall thrift store glass vase with a white bottom that I painted with paint a few decades ago. It was also in my attic décor stash.

One question you might have when decorating a room with items you already own is What happens to a thing you don’t own? The first room will not be trimmed.

This problem can be solved by knowing what you have and where it should go. Open your mind to the possibility of liking an item in a different spot.

Although you may have to buy something new because of the removed item, it is worth considering two rooms getting something new for the same price.

TIPS: How to reuse items when decorating a room

These are some tips to remember when decorating a room using the “use what available” decorating method.

Only use what you are passionate about – don’t follow trends. You will never be safe – so do you!

It is essential to determine your style – modern, casual, or antique – to create unique spaces.

Choose the colors you would like to see in your space. Then, discard any other colors and stick to that color palette to create a cohesive look.

Go exploring in your own home, as I said earlier. You can move things around in your home to get new ideas. Take a fresh look at everything.

It would be best to decide what should stay, what can be repurposed, and what needs to be removed. Next, make a list and start looking for the items in your home that match the color scheme.

I went one step further and redesigned the bedding and textiles I had found that fit my new needs. It helps to know how and has a sewing machine when you do this. Even if you don’t know how to sew, there are many no-sew decorating methods that you can use.

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