DreamCloud Mattress Review: Luxurious without the Matching Price Tag

The DreamCloud hybrid mattress is an attractive choice. This luxury mattress combines sturdy innerspring coils and layers of responsive memory foam.

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The DreamCloud Mattress: Pros and Cons

Hybrid mattresses combine two or more types of mattresses, such as firm innerspring coils with soft memory foam. DreamCloud seamlessly combines these components to create a unique sleeping experience. Mattress Advisor rated it as one of the top hybrid mattresses. The DreamCloud Original mattress has four layers. The top layers of the DreamCloud Original mattress contour around your body’s pressure points to keep the weight from pressing on the hips or shoulders (8.75/10). This mattress has an innerspring underneath, which gives it good responsiveness (9/10). It is also easier to change positions than other foam mattresses. These foam layers are also infused with gel to prevent overheating (8.75 percent).

This bed can accommodate stomach, back, and side sleepers thanks to its middle-of-the-line firmness. Although DreamCloud is supportive enough to accommodate plus-sized sleepers, some may prefer a firmer mattress that is at least medium-firm. The mattress’s ability to support healthy spine alignment was a significant feature that the Mattress Advisor and This Old House Reviews team loved (9 out of 10). This mattress is ideal for those suffering from back pain—the cashmere-blend covering wraps the entire bed in a luxurious, soft feel.

The DreamCloud hybrid mattress uses high-quality, earth-friendly materials. As with all box mattresses, there may be some off-gassing when you open the mattress. However, it should go away within 48 hours. DreamCloud beds come with a lifetime warranty and a year of free trial. This is one of the best warranties and sleep tests available online.

Highlights from the DreamCloud

MaterialHybrid foam and coils

Firmness: Medium-firm

Customer Rating 4.6/5

Score: 9.1/10

Trial Period: for 365 Nights

Lifetime Guarantee

Score: A mattress advisor score is a weighted score that takes into consideration 14 factors that affect the mattress’ performance and function.

DreamCloud Mattress Features

There are many things to consider before purchasing a new mattress. Consider whether the bed is best suited for single or couples, as well as how it regulates temperature and pressure. Below are some common considerations and DreamCloud’s performance.

Motion Isolation

Two layers of memory Foam are used to absorb motion and isolate it. Innerspring coils can still give off a little bounce, so it is possible to feel it when your pet or partner moves around at night. Each ring is individually wrapped to allow for varying movement and weight across the mattress. Although this reduces activity, there is still motion transfer.

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