Green-tinted makeup can correct redness

Even at the most basic level, makeup often imitates art. Look no further than the wheel of colors when choosing the correct color-correcting product. Colors that are opposites or complementary colors cancel each other. This is why many products that treat redness or Rosacea have a greenish tint. Green can correct redness and give the skin a more even, balanced appearance. These are some of our favorite green-tinted skin care products to treat redness and Rosacea:

Dermalogica UltraCalming Redness Relief Primer SPF20 is a primer with a green tint that can help reduce overall redness. This formula contains natural green botanical extracts, as well as velvety silicones that help to balance skin texture and tone. Calming agents also minimize skin sensitivity and leave a neutral, flawless finish.

Conceal extreme redness using DermaBlend’s Smooth Indulgence Concealer. This concealer’s green color neutralizes redness, Rosacea, and other skin imperfections, including scars, blemishes, and port-wine stains. The concealer has a matte finish that is ideal for wearing under makeup. It also lasts throughout the day.

Glo minerals Corrective Camouflage kit neutralizes smaller areas of redness. This makeup palette conceals discoloration and balances it with a sheer, blendable cover. The mint color can be used to cover redness. The yellow shade will correct the pink tones. Lavender will combat yellow or orange tones. Neutral is the perfect balancer. This product is ideal for people who want to cover multiple types of discolorations.

Stila CC Color Correction Stick SPF20 provides color correction and coverage. This CC stick has a green center that helps to correct redness and provides antioxidant benefits. This CC cream is available in eight colors and glides on easily, leaving a satin finish. The formula can be built up to achieve the desired coverage.

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