Halloween Makeup Tutorial: Lion

You can become the queen of the jungle this Halloween if you are sweet, sassy, and have a bit of a sassy side. In this simple Halloween makeup tutorial, Felisha, Office Administrator at iStock, transforms herself into a Lion!

Step 1: Makeup

The lioness’ pride, in this case her complexion, is the most beautiful coat! Felisha chose Antonym Skin Esteem Organic Liquid Foundation Beige Light to create a smooth foundation. The formula is made with shea butter, hyaluronic acids, and other natural ingredients that nourish the skin while reducing fine lines.

Felisha then contoured her cheeks and nose to create lion-like features using the Glo Skin Beauty Contour Kit, Fair to Light. The powder quad has four shades to help you define your features.

Felisha used Stila Heaven’s hue Highlighter shade Magnificence on her cheeks and forehead to highlight her appearance. The ultra-fine, lightweight formula offers long-lasting coverage. It can be blended and built up to create a unique look.

Felisha channeled her inner lioness by creating a fluffy eyebrow using the Senna Sketch-Abrow Pencil Black Brown. The retractable formula offers a natural definition and can be fine-tuned with the attached spoolie.

Felisha then created a warm, smoky look using the Eleman beauty The Elements Terra Earth Palette shades Sahara Sierra and Desert. These ultra-pigmented shadows come in a range of matte and metallic shades that can be blended and built up to create a wide variety of earthy looks. She highlighted the inner corner, waterline, and under the brow with the Jane Iredale Eye Enhancer Pencil. The dual-ended jumbo pencil adds a subtle glow to any look.

Felisha used the Sigma Beauty Liquid Pen Eyeliner to complete the eyes. You can create any shape with the felt-tip application. She then applied Stila Magnum Mascara. This clump-resistant mascara is formulated with 1% diamond dust for dramatic color, conditioning power, and thick, pigmented, long-lasting lashes.

She finished off by adding a little more glow with the Au Naturale Pure Powder Highlighter Moondust. This soft-focus highlighter is made with 100% natural ingredients and can be customized according to your style.

Felisha then transformed into a Lion by using the Sigma Beauty liquid pen eyeliner to line her upper lip, nose, and brows. She traced her lips and nose and then added dots to the upper lip for the appearance of whiskers. She finished off her lips using the Stila Stay All Day Lipstick Dolce. This neutral nude enhances the overall look. The matte finish lipstick is lightweight and provides weightless coverage. It will last for as long as your Halloween party.

Step 2: Hair

Felisha has a mane that is worthy of admiration. She first gave her hair volume and texture with Rene Furterer Dry Shampoo. The lightweight formula is made with rice and cornstarches to absorb oils. It will keep her looking great on any trip through the Sahara.

She then created the illusion by creating small ponytails on each side of her hair. She then teased each ponytail and wrapped the hair around itself. She finished the look by spraying the Kenra Professional platinum HiDef Hairspray 16. Felisha can let her hair blow in the breeze with this matte formula that is flake-free.

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