How to Choose the Perfect Nude Lipstick

For over a month, celebrities and influencers have been wearing brown or nude lip glosses. The browns range from matching mannequins tois-it-nude or pink. How do you pick the best nude lip color for your skin tone?

The shades on the opposite end of the spectrum are so similar to your skin tone that you appear as if your lips do not exist. Most of us avoid this look because we love our lip color! On the opposite end of the spectrum, you’ll find pinks that look nude but aren’t really. Shawn Towne, a Global Makeup Expert, gave us his tips on choosing the perfect nude lip color.

What is the best brown/nude lipstick for my skin tone?

Everyone can wear brown or nude, but to achieve the most natural appearance, you shouldn’t choose a straight shade of brown. Pink-browns have a warmth that enhances the color.

Nude Lipsticks for Cool Skin Tones

Shawn says that if you have a lot of pink in your skin tone, it’s best to go with a brown shade. He suggests Craving Lipfixation or Sharon PureMoist Lipstick.

Nude Lipsticks for Warm Skin Tones

Shawn says that cooler browns work best for skin tones with warmer undertones (golden). Try shades such as Luscious PlayOn Lip Crayon and Raspberry PureGloss Lip Glaze.

What is the best shade of nude lipstick for your skin tone?

You now know how to choose the best nude lip color based on the undertone of your skin. The next step is to decide whether you want a beige or medium brown shade.

Nude Lipstick For Fair Skin

You can add color with a rosy beige without looking too flashy. Try a sheer beige color to tone down the natural pink of your lips.

Is it OK to wear bare lips at any age?

Yes, that’s the short answer! When we are young, browns look great on our skin. Shawn says that as we age, our skin may fade, so it’s a good idea to use brighter colors. The beauty of brown lip gloss is that it allows for a natural-looking flush, even with a more brilliant undertone. Desire Lip Fixation Lauren PureMoist Lipstick is a beautiful, vibrant brown that gives a youthful look to your lips.” Browse our entire collection of lip products. Brown lipsticks here.

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