How to Decorate Your Home Like the Best Indian Interior Designers

The Indian design industry has significantly impacted India’s recent growth. Because of their extensive knowledge of the basics of architecture, an acute sense of aesthetics, and a keen eye for detail, experienced architects have turned their attention to interior design. Designers must also be familiar with lighting, colors, and other design principles.

There is an old saying that women are more effective homemakers than men. We can disagree, provided there is no gender disparity. The field has seen many women achieve milestones and has received accolades from all over the globe. We’ve highlighted some of the most prominent designers in the country and shown how you can copy their style.

Sunita Kohli, a well-known designer, is known for pioneering traditional, royal, and heritage looks in heritage and modern buildings. Her designs are a reflection of royalty and culture at their finest. This image shows her humble yet grand home.

Her favorite things are piles of books, antique heritage paintings, large vases, and beautifully crafted vintage lamps. You don’t need to include too much modernity or use cutting-edge decor materials. Use large antique vases to decorate your lawn to achieve that rustic look.

Tanya Gyani is the leader of the botanical design section at the well-respected Pottery Barn. She is fascinated by flowers and their beauty. Her designs reflect her love for floral arrangements and wall art with minimal furniture.

You can choose a wall with subtle floral art that is well-decorated. While playing with art, make sure to keep the wall in a consistent tone. Her favorite way to decorate your bedroom is with simple, elegant lamps and vases. To achieve the Tanya Gyani style, you can choose more simple wooden furniture.

“A designer by trade, a thinker and inventor by choice. Her website speaks volumes about her. It is a fitting description, considering her stunning design and fusion of dreamy colors.

She is a sucker for Moroccan and ethnic patterns. She enjoys using fluorescent furniture and covering them with hand-crafted cushion covers. You can also add Grecian Urn lamps to complete the look.

Aatika Manzar is well-known for her work on highly appreciated projects such as the Gaurav Gupta shop in Emporio, and the Farzi Cafes in Dubai and New Delhi. The firm has worked on many aspects of design and is proud of its belief that every space should be treated as a story.

It’s easy to imitate her style. You only need to be able to see the details when it comes down to furnishing. She focuses on wooden wall art, urli motif vase, vintage wooden clocks, and designer consoles and side tables for residences.

Dhara Tank Patel, co-founder of SAAR Interior Design has a lot of experience in design, craft, and education. Her designs are well-rounded and will appeal to the Indian public.

Her choices include a simple center table and traditional printed sofas with bright cushions. Her forte is to keep things simple but with an Indian touch. Handwoven runners and traditional bedsides benches are two of her favorite accessories.

Praneeta, a two-decade-old veteran with a wealth of creative ideas, has set and reset the standards in interior design through D’Studio, a full-service interior design company based in Chennai. She believes sustainable design is the future.

Her designs are very relatable. Her designs tend to have a two-tone interior, with red & gray and white & golden.

Also read:┬áIndian Traditional Sets: A unique way to accentuate your homeGauri Khan Designs, the name and face that is synonymous with the Bollywood star’s wife, is also an interior designer who has her own company. She is a well-respected designer in tinseltown, having designed the homes of many Bollywood celebrities.

Her designs speak luxury at its finest. She could be your ultimate guide if you are looking for high-end interior design. Her style includes elegant mirror wall art, luxurious lounge chairs, and satin curtains. Her design is characterized by a minimalist Tv unit, perfect wall sconces that reflect warm light and a beautiful drapery.

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