How-To Halloween: Fairy

This Halloween, make it magical with fairy makeup. You can customize this fantasy makeup to fit your mood or costume by using soft, shimmering shades and eyeliner accents.

Apply an eye shadow primer like Jane Iredale Lid Primers Lemon to the entire lid and along the bottom lash line. If you fan it out towards your temples, your eyeliner will stay put all night. Apply a shimmery, silver eyeshadow from the inner corner to the first tier, wrapping it around your tear ducts and the bottom lash line. The lightest shade at the inner corner will help to open up your eyes and bring attention to your makeup.

Don’t be afraid of being creative with the other eyeshadow colors! You can adjust them to your mood, eye color, skin tone, and costume. We used Mirabella Eye Colours to achieve our look. First, we applied a light shade of pink over the entire lid. We then blended a purple into the crease to blend it with the pink. Then, we added a splash of green in the middle of the top to really make the eyes pop. We added the same color purple we used in the crease along the bottom of the eyelashes.

It cannot be easy to work with highly pigmented shades at first because the colors may appear choppy. Blending all the colors softens and eliminates harsh lines.

Once you’re happy with the eyeshadow, you can add some embellishments. To line the top lashline, we used Jane Iredale Eye Pencil, Basic Black. Then, we created a fork in the outer corner and added swirls. To open the eye, we lined the waterline with Jane-Iredale Eye Pencil White. Then, we lined the bottom lash line in Basic Black. After you have finished these steps, add as many embellishments as you like. You can also embellish them with glitter, costume gems, or other colors. To complete your eyes, don’t forget to use a volumizing mascara such as jane-iredale Longest Lashed Thickening and Lengthening Maskcara Black Ice!

Then, add some more fairy sparkle. Then, add a white shimmery highlighter to your cheekbones, chin, and forehead. A cheek palette such as Jane-Iredale Rose Dawn Bronzer has everything you need in one package. Finish off your look with a baby-pink lipstick. We used Mirabella Colour Vinyl in Pink Polish.

There are many options for fairy hair! You can add tiny braids to the front, wear a floral crown, or curl it. You can do whatever makes you feel beautiful and ethereal.

You only need a pair of winglets to take off on Halloween night.

Will you try this makeup look on Halloween? Tell us in the comments.

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