How to Make Plum Eye Makeup

No matter if you’re an expert in plum or a newbie to purple makeup, plum is this season’s color. This 1960s-inspired fall makeup will amp up your daily makeup routine just in time for changing leaves.

Step 1: Perfect your Complexion

Before you begin, please consider the following:

A smooth base is essential to any makeup look. Start with Jane Iredale Liquid Minerals for a flawless complexion. The lightweight formula contains hyaluronic and vitamin C for antioxidant and hydration properties.

Then, conceal imperfections like dark circles, blemishes, or redness using a concealer that breathes, such as the RMS “Un” Coverup. This nourishing formula, which is made with coconut and jojoba oil, smoothes out imperfections while gently moisturizing the skin.

Use a fan brush to sculpt your favorite features gently. We used the Sigma Beauty Sculpt Highlight + Contour Palette, which has dense yet soft bristles that are perfect for applying powder. The Sigma Beauty Sculpt Contour + Highlight Palette has a variety of matte shades that are perfect for all skin tones, as well as three universally flattering highlights.

Finalize your look by adding blush and highlighters such as Antonym Certified Organic Highlighting Lipstick and The Dermablend Multi-use Liquid Luminizer Makeup Gold. The Antonym Highlighting Blush gives a pink glow, while the Dermablend Glow creator adds a gold-toned shine to any look.

Step 2: Invigorate Your eyes

Eye makeup is essential to this look. Start by defining and fluffing your eyebrows. Meg has naturally gorgeous brows. We set them into place using the Jane Iredale PureBrow Brow gel. The conditioner formula refines brows and promotes healthier, more manageable brows! This mineral-based formula is available in three different shades for those brows that need some extra attention.

The tricky part is next (we promise it doesn’t get any more difficult than this). In the 1960s style, we used Au Naturale Creme de la Creme Eye Shadow Shiraz to draw a plum line above her natural eye crease. The formula is ultra-pigmented and formulated with natural waxes and oils to enhance blendability and nourish skin. We blended the edges and blended the color using a small-tipped pencil brush, such as the Luxury 217 Rose Gold Pencilbrush.

We used the Sigma Concealer Brush to create a tacky base with the RMS Beauty Un Coverup. Glo Skin Beauty Rebel Angle Eye Shadow Quad shade Aura was chosen to give Meg’s eyes a golden-peach glow. Mineral pigments and antioxidants enhance any look.

Then, using the Au Naturale Creme de la Creme Eye Shadow, draw a thin, curved line below the bottom lash line. Buff it out with Glo Skin Beauty Rebel Angel Eye Shadow quad in “Fever.” This will create a soft look with a fun flare!

Finalize your eye makeup with a dark liner such as the Stila Micro Tip Stay All Day Waterproof Eye Liner and a mascara such as the Youngblood Mineral Lengthening Maskcara. The Stila Micro Tip Liner is great because of its super thin felt tip, which allows for precise coverage. We also love the Youngblood Mascara as it volumizes and conditions lashes gently without flaking or running.

Pro tip: For a look that is reminiscent of the 1960s, pinch your bottom eyelashes together.

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