How to take a good selfie

Let’s talk selfies. All of us have taken a selfie at one point or another in our lives. Some of us have a whole camera roll of selfies. Ladies, don’t be ashamed; embrace the selfie. The self-portrait has evolved from staged photos of the past to embarrassing bathroom mirror shots of MySpace and now to a spontaneous snap shared on Instagram or Facebook.

How to take a good selfie

A good selfie is made up of three things: the correct camera angle, flattering light, and an excellent pose.

Take your selfie looking upwards. Keep your chin down, but raise your eyebrows slightly to make your eyes look larger.

Select lighting bright enough to bring out your best features.

Pose in a way that reflects your personality. You want to appear your best in a selfie, and people tend to look their best when happy and confident.

Selfie Tips: Other Ways to Get the Best Selfie

Here are some more tips to help you make your selfie stand out.

Touch up Your Makeup

You can check your Makeup in the mirror or on your front-facing camera before taking a selfie. The Limited Edition Snap Happy Makeup kit This is the perfect solution because it includes Whisper PurePressed Blush and Brown Sugar PurePressed Triple Eye Shadow. PureMatte Finish Powder How to remove unwanted shine

Choose a cool background.

It’s not just about the face but also about the story you want to tell. Choose a memorable backdrop so that you can say to an account when you show your family and friends the photo.

If in doubt, crop it out.

Before you upload the image, you should give it a quick look. Zoom in to remove anything you don’t wish to display.

Feel the Love

The same goes for selfies. Being with someone you love or doing something that you enjoy makes life better. You may ask, why does this apply to self-portraits? You’ll feel happy, and you will always take your best selfie when you are so glad. Jane and Cookie are big fans of this tip!
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