Makeup mistakes you’re likely to make

Makeup can be a way to express yourself. You can create almost anything with makeup.

No matter if you are a makeup expert or just learning about its benefits, every makeup look must include a few essential elements. Learn how to avoid these makeup mistakes.

Applying makeup using dirty makeup brushes

A great makeup look starts with a few essentials–including clean makeup tools. Cosmetics applied with dirty brushes can not only cause improper application but also expose the skin to bacteria, which can lead to acne or infections.

Try Glo Skin Beauty Brush Cleaner to disinfect your brushes in between washings (we recommend cleaning after each use). This easy-to-use cleaner is designed to cleanse brushes of bacteria and color buildup. It also conditions and protects bristles while providing a subtle aroma.

Pro tip: If you want to clean your makeup brushes (to clean your makeup brushes deeply), use the Sigma Spa Express Brush Cleansing Mat or Sigma SigMagic bru shampoo liquid. The unique mat has shampoolusive textures to help deep clean brushes. The liquid gently removes impurities while softening the bristles.

Do not remove makeup before going to bed.

It is bad for your eyelashes and brows to hit the sheets while wearing makeup. If you fall asleep repeatedly without removing makeup, it can affect your health. It may cause breakouts, wrinkles, and clogged pores.

We spoke with Dr. Joel Schlessinger – board-certified dermatologist and CEO of LovelySkin – to find out the importance of removing your makeup before going to bed.

“Removing makeup before going to bed is essential. If there is a time to clean your skin, I say it’s the night. The skin is constantly exposed to harmful substances like free radicals, which adhere to makeup and skin. If you leave makeup on while sleeping, it can act as a barrier to prevent the skin from working properly. This leads to an accelerated aging process and collagen breakdown-aging; eye makeup can negatively affect your eyebrows and eyelashes, causing hair loss, thinning, and breakage. It’s best to clean your face and eyes before going to bed.

It’s not difficult to remove makeup. Eminence Organics Stone Crop Cleansing oil removes makeup, excess oils, and impurities gently without stripping the skin of its moisture. The non-greasy formulation contains hydrating jojoba and sunflower oils, as well as stonecrop, a succulent that reduces redness. Massage a small amount of the product into your skin, then rinse. Follow with your favorite facial cleanser for a double clean!

Pro Tip: For healthy lashes, use neuLASHPROFESSIONAL ™ from Skin Research Professional. This dermatologist-tested eye cream is designed to promote luscious, longer-looking, well-hydrated lashes.

The foundation is not color-matched.

It’s a fact that the foundation color can make or ruin a makeup look. Color matching foundations can be difColor-matchingally when there are so many shades and formulas available. Finding the perfect foundation shade involves choosing the correct undertone and testing it in the appropriate place. Look at the veins inside your wrist to find out your undertone.

Veins with green veins show warm undertones. These skin tones are more yellow, peach or gold.

Cool veins appear as blue or purple. Skin tones with cool undertones tend to be pinkish or rosy.

Neutral Undertones are a mix of green, blue, or purple veins. They can also be a combination of warm and cold skin tones.

It should be easy to find the shade once you have determined the undertone.

Look for foundations with a peach, yellow, or gold-tone if you have warm under ones. Look for a foundation that has a pinkish or rosy undertone if you have cool-toned skin. Look for a combination.

Test foundation on the jawbone rather than the inner arm, or the back of your hand. You will get a more natural transition. If you are unsure about the shade, buy two and combine them to create a custom match.

Try Glo Skin Beauty HD Mineral Foundation stick if you are still looking for the perfect foundation. The long-lasting, lightweight formula provides a beautiful satin finish and sheer to buildable coverage. This non-comedogenic formulation is perfect for all skin types. It contains powerful antioxidants and hyaluronic acids to lock in moisture and is non-comedogenic.

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