Russian Beauty Bloggers You Should Be Reading Right Now


The global beauty community is a vast tapestry woven with diverse voices and perspectives, and Russian beauty bloggers have emerged as influential storytellers within this vibrant space. With a unique blend of culture, style, and a passion for all things beauty, these bloggers are captivating audiences around the world. In this curated list, we explore some of the top Russian beauty bloggers you should be reading right now for insights into skincare and makeup trends and a glimpse into the Russian beauty scene.

Elena Krygina: The Maven of Makeup Artistry

Elena Krygina is a renowned makeup artist and beauty influencer based in Moscow. Her blog, Krygina Beauty, is a treasure trove of makeup tutorials, product reviews, and industry insights. Elena’s expertise in makeup artistry has made her a trusted source for beauty enthusiasts seeking both classic and avant-garde looks. Her detailed tutorials and honest product reviews set her apart as a go-to resource for makeup inspiration and education.

Victoria Moiseeva: A Journey through Beauty and Wellness

Victoria Moiseeva, the creator of the blog Vika Goes Prada, offers a holistic approach to beauty and wellness. Beyond makeup tips and skincare routines, Victoria delves into topics like mental health, self-care, and travel. Her diverse content resonates with readers seeking a balanced and mindful lifestyle. Victoria’s authentic voice and commitment to well-being make Vika Goes Prada a must-read for those looking to enrich their lives both inside and out.

Anastasia Ivanova: Unveiling the Secrets of Skincare

Anastasia Ivanova, the face behind the blog Beauty Me, is a skincare enthusiast with a mission to demystify the world of skincare for her readers. Anastasia shares her experiences with various skincare products, delves into ingredient analysis, and provides comprehensive reviews. Beauty Me is a valuable resource for individuals seeking to establish effective and personalized skincare routines guided by Anastasia’s expertise.

Maria Way: From Fashion to Beauty Brilliance

Maria Way, a former model and fashionista, has transitioned seamlessly into the beauty blogging sphere. Her blog, Way of Style, is a visual feast that combines her love for fashion with a keen interest in beauty. Maria’s captivating photography showcases her evolving style and makeup looks, making Way of Style a delightful destination for those who appreciate the intersection of fashion and beauty.

Dasha Malinina: Navigating the World of Luxury Beauty

Dasha Malinina, a beauty and fashion blogger, invites readers into the world of luxury beauty through her blog, Dashingly Different. Dasha’s content revolves around high-end beauty products, luxurious skincare routines, and reviews of exclusive brands. Her sophisticated approach to beauty and dedication to quality make Dashingly Different an excellent resource for those with a penchant for luxury in their beauty regimen.

Karina Maksimova: The Queen of Nail Art

Karina Maksimova, known as Ksusha Maksimova on her blog, has carved a niche as the queen of nail art in the Russian beauty scene. Her blog showcases intricate nail designs, tutorials, and product recommendations for nail enthusiasts. Ksusha’s creativity extends beyond nails as she explores makeup trends and skincare routines, making her blog a captivating space for beauty lovers with a focus on nail art.

Marina Ruyko: A Radiant Journey in Beauty

Marina Ruyko, the creator of the blog RuykoStyle, shares her radiant journey in beauty, wellness, and personal development. With an emphasis on self-love and embracing one’s unique beauty, Marina’s blog offers a refreshing perspective. RuykoStyle features a mix of beauty product reviews, lifestyle articles, and empowering messages, making it a source of inspiration for those seeking a positive and uplifting beauty community.

Anna Kadricheva: Bridging Beauty and Lifestyle

Anna Kadricheva, the force behind the blog Vogue Happy, effortlessly bridges the realms of beauty and lifestyle. Her content spans makeup tutorials, skincare routines, and lifestyle guides, creating a well-rounded platform for readers. Anna’s approachable style and relatable content make Vogue Happy a go-to destination for individuals looking for beauty inspiration seamlessly woven into their daily lives.

Liza Chalikova: Exploring the World of Makeup Magic

Liza Chalikova, a professional makeup artist, invites readers into the enchanting world of makeup magic through her blog, MakeUpNotDown. Liza’s detailed tutorials, product reviews, and insights into the artistry of makeup cater to both beginners and seasoned makeup enthusiasts. MakeUpNotDown is a haven for those seeking to explore the transformative power of makeup and stay updated on the latest beauty trends.

Olga Pochtiennykh: A Lifestyle Journey in Beauty

Olga Pochtiennykh’s blog, The Russian Life, offers a captivating journey through beauty, fashion, and lifestyle. Olga’s content reflects her multifaceted interests, encompassing beauty product reviews, style inspiration

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