Sparkle Party Makeup

Party makeup is all about sparkle and shimmer! Hope you enjoyed the videos that we posted for ideas on party looks. This look will add a little glitz to any family or party gathering.

By tipping the jar over and tapping on the bottom, you can tap Gold 24Karat Gold Dust into the cap.

Use your favorite Hydration spray to spritz your Deluxe shader brush.

Use your Deluxe Shader Brush to pick up the Gold 24Karat Gold Dust and apply it to your eyelids up to the crease. Do not worry if you get gold shimmer on your face. It’s the holiday season, so have fun with the sparkle!

Highlight your eyebrow bone using the highlighter tip of your Dark Topaz Mystikol.

Line your upper lashline with the dark end (Dark Topaz Mystikol) and extend the line up to the outer corner.

Line the bottom lashline with a thin line of Dark Topaz Mystikol.

Use PureLash Lashing Extender and Conditioner on your lashes.

Apply a few coats of Bof lacks Ice, The Longest Lash Thickening, and Lengthening mascara on your lashes.

Apply the PurePressed Blush using the dome brush.

Complete your look with Ta Tokyo Simply Kissed Lip Plumper.

I hope you enjoyed this look. Upload your pictures if you like it. Facebook page! Page!

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