Take 6 Travel Themed Decor Ideas to Celebrate World Tourism Day

Traveling liberates us and allows us to discover our true selves. Travel helps us connect to the universe and learn about the world. It frees the mind and revitalizes you. You will cherish the feelings, experiences, and memories for a lifetime.

Home is also where we are most at peace. This is where you can feel relaxed, uninhibited, and accessible.

Why not decorate your house with unique travel-inspired home decor to help reaffirm your love of travel at home?

If you are stuck in a 9-to-5 job and have no time to travel, or if the pandemic forced you to put off your travel plans, these home decor ideas inspired by travel will make your life easier. These ideas will give your home a new look and satisfy that wanderlust in you. Explore these stunning ideas by reading on.

Travel Wall Decor to Embrace Your Love for Wildlife

This forest-themed mural will ignite your passion for jungle safaris. Add rustic decor to your living room. The wildlife mural will create a calm and serene atmosphere in your living room and be the centerpiece of your interior design. The log can be used as a coffee table, but the shape and form of the wood should remain intact. It is a great idea to incorporate some natural elements. This wall art will not only enhance the appearance of your home but can also help you transport yourself into the wild when you are tired from your busy schedule or want to spend time in nature.

The World Map is a stunning travel wall decor for the living room.

The majority of travelers believe that the world is theirs. Consider a textured wall map in your living area to bring some wanderlust into your home. It’s a great way to show off your love of travel and exploration while adding style to your interiors. Add a sectional couch and a hexagonal table to create a cozy atmosphere in your living area. You can display your travel souvenirs or other knick-knacks on the floating shelves that we have placed beside the entertainment unit.

Create a beautiful photo gallery to relive your travel memories

Transform your walls into a vibrant photo gallery that showcases all of your life’s memories. This room decor inspired by travel is ideal for sharing your travel experiences with family and friends. Use spotlights and trail lights on the false ceiling in order to draw attention to your photo collection. You can add a chair, camelback couch, and faux fur rug to your living room. This will allow you to sit comfortably in the room and enjoy those photos and fond memories. You can choose a pastel color scheme to decorate your living room. Let your photo gallery be the focal point of your interior design.

Enjoy a peaceful time in the lap of nature by visiting a beautiful urban jungle

Enjoy a fresh forest in the concrete jungle with your travel-inspired decor. The plants will fill your home with lush greenery and freshness. The backyard is great for spending time with your favorite books, enjoying a hot coffee, and catching up with family and friends. A rattan couch set with cushions will provide a comfortable seating area. Choose a coffee table that lifts and has storage underneath to organize your books. This is an excellent combination of functionality and aesthetics. Add a macrame hanger on the wall to enhance the room’s appearance. Choose wooden or terracotta floors. They are non-slippery, and they match your decor seamlessly.

Travel Bedroom Decor to Add a Chic Look to Your Space

This stylish bedroom design is playful, trendy, and inspired by travel. This is an excellent idea if you are a parent of teen children or like the simple, accessible decor. Choose a travel quote, a cityscape, a landscape, or a part of the world map that you dream about or love to visit. Add hooks to hang bags, accessories, or daily essentials on the wall. It adds a layer to your interiors with a travel theme while providing extra storage space. The travel bag adds to the travel theme while also providing additional storage. This clever travel wall decor is a great way to add storage and give your bedrooms quirkiness.

The Patio Bar to Bring Holiday Feelings into Your Home

Do you miss the days when you could go on fun trips with friends and enjoy the day at the seaside with a chilled bottle of beer? With our travel-themed decor, you can create a vacation or beach vibe on your patio. This covered patio has a wood ceiling and an elaborate bar to chill and show off your wine collection. Rattan furniture, two tall chairs, and a bar counter offer plenty of seating for guests. Tall plants will add to the tropical feel of the room. Keep your decor simple and minimalistic for a luxurious yet serene vibe.

Your search for holiday decor ideas is over. With these beautiful travel-inspired ideas, you can turn your home into the perfect traveler’s haven. Our designers can help you if you want more guidance on home interiors or want to make more space and live a clutter-free lifestyle. Book your free consultation now and discover exclusive offers, outstanding design options, and hassle-free service. Check out our other blogs for more exciting interior design ideas.

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