The Best Natural Hair Blogs You Should Be Reading


In the dynamic and ever-evolving world of hair care, natural hair has taken center stage, celebrating the unique beauty and versatility of textured hair. Natural hair blogs have emerged as invaluable resources, offering a wealth of information, inspiration, and guidance for those on a journey to embrace and care for their curls, coils, and waves. This curated list introduces you to some of the best natural hair blogs that are not only informative but also celebrate the diverse beauty of natural hair.

NaturallyCurly: The Curl Community Hub

NaturallyCurly stands as a pioneer in the natural hair community, offering a wealth of information, product reviews, and styling tips. The blog features a diverse range of contributors, ensuring a broad perspective on natural hair care. From curl patterns and porosity to product recommendations, NaturallyCurly serves as a comprehensive guide for anyone navigating the world of natural hair.

CurlyNikki: A Journey to Healthy, Natural Hair

CurlyNikki, founded by Nikki Walton, is a powerhouse in the natural hair blogging sphere. Focused on fostering healthy hair care practices, the blog offers a combination of personal hair journeys, expert advice, and product recommendations. Nikki’s engaging writing style and commitment to embracing natural beauty make CurlyNikki a must-read for anyone seeking inspiration on their wild hair journey.

Afrobella: Beauty, Culture, and Natural Hair

Afrobella, created by Patrice Grell Yursik, is a captivating blend of beauty, culture, and natural hair celebration. Patrice explores not only hair care but also the intersectionality of beauty and identity. With a keen eye for diverse representation and a commitment to empowering her readers, Afrobella is a delightful destination for those seeking a holistic approach to natural hair care.

Black Girl with Long Hair: Your Ultimate Resource for Length Retention

Black Girl with Long Hair is a go-to resource for those aspiring to achieve and maintain long, healthy, natural hair. With a focus on length retention, the blog offers a mix of informative articles, product reviews, and inspiring hair journeys from the natural hair community. Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned naturalist, Black Girl with Long Hair has something to offer everyone.

Curls Understood: Simplifying Natural Hair Care

Curls Understood takes a user-friendly approach to natural hair care, breaking down complex routines and product choices into easily digestible information. The blog features a range of contributors with diverse hair textures, ensuring that the advice and tips cater to a broad audience. Curls Understood is a valuable resource for those seeking simplicity and clarity in their natural hair journey.

BGLH Marketplace: Beauty, Culture, and Products for Natural Hair

BGLH (Black Girl Long Hair) Marketplace is an extension of the popular BGLH blog, offering a curated selection of natural hair care products. The blog’s product reviews, styling tutorials, and in-depth features on natural hair influencers make it a comprehensive platform for those looking to discover new products and learn from the experiences of others.

HeyFranHey: Holistic Wellness and Natural Hair Care

HeyFranHey, founded by Francheska Medina, goes beyond natural hair care to explore holistic wellness. Fran’s blog seamlessly integrates discussions on self-care, mental health, and lifestyle with her insights on natural hair care. The blog is a refreshing blend of positivity, practical tips, and inspiration for those looking to embrace natural beauty from the inside out.

KinkyCurlyCoilyMe: Celebrating the Diversity of Natural Hair

KinkyCurlyCoilyMe, run by Jenell B. Stewart, is a celebration of the diverse textures and styles of natural hair. The blog features detailed hair care routines, product reviews, and a vibrant community where readers can share their natural hair journeys. With a focus on education and empowerment, KinkyCurlyCoilyMe is a source of inspiration for individuals navigating their unique curl patterns.

African Naturalistas: Nurturing Your Natural Hair Naturally

African Naturalistas is a Nigerian-based natural hair blog that emphasizes the importance of using natural and locally sourced products for hair care. The blog offers practical tips, DIY recipes, and guidance on building a natural hair care regimen. African Naturalistas is a valuable resource for those looking to adopt a more natural and sustainable approach to their hair care routine.

The Natural Haven Bloom: Science-Based Natural Hair Care

The Natural Haven Bloom, founded by Jc, who is of British-Nigerian descent with a background in biochemistry, takes a scientific approach to natural hair care. Jc delves into the science behind hair care ingredients, offering evidence-based insights and myth-busting articles. For those who appreciate a deeper understanding of the chemistry behind natural hair care, The Natural Haven Bloom is an enlightening read.


Natural hair blogs play a pivotal role in guiding and inspiring individuals on their unique hair care journeys. From embracing curls to fostering a sense of community and celebrating the diverse beauty of natural hair, these blogs offer a wealth of information, advice, and encouragement. Whether you’re a natural hair veteran or just starting your journey, exploring these blogs will undoubtedly enrich your understanding and appreciation of the beauty that lies in embracing your natural tresses.

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