The Best Value Mattresses Based On Price and Quality in 2022

A bed that is both affordable and durable is the best value mattress. These ten beds are cheap and durable while accommodating different sleep needs. The best part is that these mattresses can be purchased directly from the manufacturers, eliminating expensive retail upcharges.

What does “best value” refer to when buying a mattress? First, it refers to something other than the cheapest option. If the bed needs to be more durable, even the most expensive one won’t give your bedroom the best value. Our This Old House Reviews Team, with the help of Mattress Advisor testers, sought out high-quality mattresses that offer value for money.

According to the Mattress Advisor sleep lab in Raleigh, N.C., each of the mattresses in this guide is suitable for specific sleepers. All ten beds are worthy of the title of best value mattress. This will allow you to spend more on your bedroom renovations.

Nectar Original – Best Overall Value Mattress

Nectar is a long-standing favorite among Mattress Advisor’s mattress testers. Has been voted the top three roundups related to affordability. The Nectar is an excellent mattress, affordable and versatile. It has three types of memory foam: bouncy transition foam, gel-infused cooling foam, and bouncy memory foam. The quilted polyblend cover gives the bed a soft, comfortable feel. The top three areas of sleep lab testing were edge support (9/10), pressure relief (8/10), and motion transfer (8.5/10). The bed’s edge support is highly rated, making it an ideal choice for people with small bedrooms. Side sleepers work well with beds that provide solid pressure relief. A high score means that pressure on the hips, shoulders, and back will be adequately relieved. Nectar’s sales events are a great way to get the best value. At the time of publication, two cooling pillows, sheets, and a mattress protector were included with every queen-size mattress.

DreamCloud Original – Best Hybrid Mattress at a Great Value

The Rococo works of art may not allow you to sleep on a literal cloud. The DreamCloud Original is close to that feeling, thanks to its hybrid foam- and cashmere-topped bed. DreamCloud’s tufted cover is a favorite feature of mattress testers. Its low price ($999 for a queen-size mattress) and the added value it provides to the bedroom make it an “affordable luxurious” bed. DreamCloud’s individually wrapped coils contribute significantly to its durability (9 out of 10). They give the sleeper a more elevated feeling than a hollow in one. Testers said 5 inches of polyfoam and conforming gel memory foam are added to the coils for extra comfort.

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