These are the best tips for monsoon foot care

The rainy season is the worst for our feet. Our newfound love of flip-flops and the dirt and sludge that can build up on roads causes havoc with foot hygiene. It is impossible to get a pedicure every day.

Post rain cleanliness

After getting wet in the rain, you should immediately get into your home and soak your feet in warm water. Add about 1 cup of anti-septic cream to your feet. After you have washed your feet for about 10-15 minutes, rinse them with antibacterial soap.

Talcum powder

Apply talcum powder to your feet after drying them with a towel. Finally, rest them on a stool or sofa while they dry. You can also place your feet on a bed with a ceiling fan to let the air circulate. If you have done all the above, remember to wear socks if your feet need to be dry. You can also use the following foot care tips to help with smelly feet: apply talcum powder and powdered camphor to the feet. Next, wear socks or shoes.

Right shoes

There are few footwear options for monsoons so flip-flops may be the only option. However, they can also cause dirt and debris on your feet. Avoid high heels, closed shoes, and canvas shoes. Rain boots are a great option if you have them. Open shoes and flip-flops made from plastic are better options. To prevent infection, dry your feet properly after you get inside.

Clean shoes

After you have returned home, wash your slippers with antibacterial soap and water. Dry them in a dry area. This will protect your slippers from the ravaging effects of fungus.


Regular foot exfoliation is a great way to maintain your cleanliness. Use lukewarm warm water with everyday shampoo to soak your feet and scrub them using a pumice rock. It would be best if you increased the frequency of your favorite foot scrub.


To keep your feet hydrated, dry your feet using a towel. Apply Dabur Gulabari cold cream to your feet before bed at night. This will help to reduce cracked heels. Massage your feet with your favorite natural oil to treat dry feet.


A pedicure can be done at home. You will need to soak your feet in warm water and scrub your feet with a pumice or stone. Do not push the cuticles. Instead, clean the underside of the nails and file, polish, and buff the nails accordingly. Apply glycerine to your feet and massage it well. This will help you to relax your feet and keep them clean. You will be able to relax and unwind with a step-by-step guide on how you can do a pedicure at your home.

Home remedies

You can make foot masks with the ingredients you already have at home. Combine 4 tbsp. Mix 4 tbsp. Combine the mixture with warm water to make a paste. For 20-30 minutes, apply to your dry feet. After you have used the oil, wash it off and pat dry your feet with a towel. These foot care tips are great for your feet.

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