This Halloween makeup tutorial will help you channel your inner Cleopatra.

This Halloween, you can transform yourself into Cleopatra for a classic beauty look. This video will show you how to achieve the queen of Nile look with your favorite makeup.

Draw thick, arched eyebrows after applying your foundation. Use a dark brown gel. We used PureBrow Brow gel in Brunette for this look. Apply an eyelid primer to help your eyeshadow stay in place. Cover the lid with a light-blue eyeshadow, such as Jane Iredale Aqua Silk. Make sure to reach the browbone. To add definition to the eyes, apply a lighter shade, such as Jane Iredale Purified Eye Shadow in Magic, to the browbone.

Line your upper lid with a dark eyeliner such as Mystikol In Onyx. Then, carry the line to the inner corner. Draw the line until it reaches your eyebrow. Draw a line at the same angle as your eyebrow, and then fill it in with eyeliner.

Apply white eyeliner to your waterline next in order to highlight your eyes. We selected Jane Iredale’s eye pencil in White. You can use a black eyeliner such as Basic Black to line the bottom of your lid.

Use a shimmery shadow such as Jane Iredale Silver 24K Dust after you’ve lined your eyes to add some sparkle to the middle of the lid. Two coats of black volumizing mascara will finish off your look. We chose Jane Iredale PureLash Mascara in Jet Black for this look.

Use a soft bronzer such as Jane Iredale PurePressed base SPF 20 Teakwood to highlight your cheeks. Finish your makeup by applying a neutral lipstick like Jane Iredale PureMoist Lipstick Madison.

Finish your look by adding gold jewelry and straight hair. You’re now ready to walk as an Egyptian!

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