This Halloween Makeup Tutorial will help you to become a Doe-Eyed Bambi

This Halloween makeup will transform you into Bambi with doe-eyed eyes. This makeup look will take your contouring skills to a new level.

We started by using Oxygenetix Foundation because it is breathable. This is very important for layering multiple products. You can use a foundation powder such as Jane Iredale pure pressed base to highlight your cheekbones, eyes, and nose.

Apply a peach bronzer in the hollows and apples of the cheeks. To create a natural-looking look, blend out the contour makeup using a sponge. Apply a white eyeshadow with a small brush or sponge to the tip of your nose and blend upward. For a truly striking Halloween look, apply a lot of pigment to achieve a bold appearance.

Add details to your Halloween makeup with eyeliner pencils like Jane Iredale Basic Black and Basic Brown. The brown pencil can be used to fill in your eyebrows and slightly arch them. This color should be carried down the nose to outline the white part of the nose. Use the black pencil to fill the tip of the nose.

Apply a primer, such as Glo Minerals GloLid Primer, to the eyelids and then a white shadow. Use a black liquid eyeliner such as by Jane-Iredale and line the lower lashline with a white pencil. This white liner can be used to add white dots to your cheeks.

This contour makeup can be completed with a coat or two of mascara, nude lip gloss, and antlers.

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