This video will show you how to create a “no-makeup” look with minimal effort.

You can see this look everywhere, but especially in the summer when it is warm. To achieve this look, you must work with your natural features. The process will vary for each person. Kristen shares tips on how to achieve a natural, no-makeup appearance.

The sheer coverage of tinted moisturizers or BB creams is ideal for a natural, no-makeup appearance. Kristen uses Jane Iredale Full Coverage Mineral Bb Cream in order to even out the tone of her skin. You may need to use a concealer if you have skin issues or want more coverage.

Add color to your skin by adding a natural flush of blush. Choose a color that compliments your skin tone. In this video, Kristen uses Jane Iredale’s pure pressed blush, which gives a natural look. Dab on the apples of your cheeks for a rosy look.

Please keep it simple when it comes to your eyes. Kristen uses Jane Iredale Purified Eye Shadow Triple to create a natural-looking look. Instead of reaching for black mascara, choose a brown shade with a lengthening formulation, such as Youngblood Outrageous Lash Mineral Lengthening mascara. Just one or two coats may be enough to define your eyes. You can add a bit more definition to your top lashline by using a brown pencil.

Finish the look by using a lip balm, gloss, or stain that matches your natural color. Kristen uses a glo mineral Suede Matte Crayon shade Monogram in order to add color to her lips.

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