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The hottest trend in beauty is makeup strobing, and it couldn’t be simpler. Continue reading to find out how Kristen, a LovelySkin Aesthetician, can help you create a simple makeup strobing technique.

The word “strobing” means highlighting that it is more intense. This concept gives you a quick way to achieve a contoured look and a dewy, natural glow. When contouring and highlighting features, you can use a darker shade to make them appear more slim or streamlined. A lighter highlighter is used to highlight your best features. Makeup strobing uses only one highlighter color, unlike contouring. It is used in areas that are high and naturally catch the sun, which helps to define your features.

Start by applying your foundation and concealer, but don’t apply blush. If you wait to apply blush after you have strobed the features, you will be able to place it where you want and achieve a more natural look. If you wish, you can also finish your eye makeup.

Select a highlighter to strobe. Kristen uses the lighter shade of Jane-iredale Circle/Delete concealer Shade # 1 for a champagne highlight. For light to medium skin tones, choose a pearly pink or pale white. Medium to dark tones can be neutral peach or soft golden in either a powder or cream formula. For normal to dry skin, we recommend a powder formulation, and for normal or oily skin, a cream.

Grab a buffing tool next. Use a clean finger to place the highlighter before blending. Gently pat the brush on the highest point of each cheek and around the eye in an upward C-shape. Use a highlighter to apply down your nose bridge, in the middle of your forehead, and on your chin. Apply highlighter to the inner corners of the eyes, your Cupid’s bow, and the arches under your eyebrows.

Now, the most important part is to blend, blend, and blend some more! Blend your highlighter with the buffing brush until it looks natural. It may take some time, but the results will be worth it.

Finish with your favorite shade of blush. Kristen chose YOUNGBLOOD pressed mineral blush Blossom. It is a pinkish shade. The blush should be applied to the apples below the highlighter. This will give you a natural, radiant look.

What do you think of makeup strobing? Will you give it a try this summer? Tell us in the comments.

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