Watch the video to learn how to achieve beautiful eyebrows

Your eyebrows play a major role in your overall appearance. Defined eyebrows can help you frame your face and draw attention to your eyes. You can achieve the bold, thick look of your favorite celebrities even if your eyebrows are sparse. Kristen, our aesthetician, shows you in this video how to get the perfect eyebrow.

Shape your eyebrows first. Holding an eyeshadow brush vertically, from the middle nostril to the eyebrow bone, is the best way to measure the starting point for each brow. The starting point is where the brush meets your eyebrow. Mark this area with a nude pencil eyeliner.

Hold the brush in a way that it moves from the tip of the nose to the middle of your eye and then onto the brow bone. Your arch is located where the brush meets your eyebrow. Mark this area with eyeliner.

Hold the brush in a way that it follows your nose, the outer corner of your eye, and the browbone. The brush should be stopped where the brow meets the bush. Mark this area with eyeliner.

After you are satisfied with the shape, remove any hairs that stick out beyond the outline. Be careful when tweezing. It is much easier to remove unwanted hair than to try to grow it back. You can tweeze with two tools: one with a diagonal point for thicker coats and another with a sharper tip for finer hairs. Try Tweezerman’s Petite Tweeze set. It includes two tweezers that are easy to travel with.

After you’ve shaped your eyebrows, you can use a spoolie to brush them up. Begin by combing the brows straight up to give the appearance of thickness. Then, follow the natural curve of the brows.

Use a brow powder, such as Youngblood Brow Artist Kit, to fill in any bare spots and add color. Fill in these areas with short, quick strokes. You can choose to use the mini brow brush included in this kit, or you may prefer a meeting with a longer handle.

Use a brow pencil like GloPrecision Brow pencil to create the illusion of thicker areas. To add density, use the pencil to draw in hairs gently. It is most effective to do this at the beginning (towards the nose) and tail of the eyebrow. You can use a spoolie to blend any color that seems uneven and soften harsh lines if the color is not even.

Finish with a clear brow gel like PureBrow Gel by Jane Iredale. This will give your brows texture and help to keep them in place.

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