Why Choose Home Design Institute Paris?

This quote by the well-known Interior designer Barry Dixon reveals the essence of interior design. Each interior space is unique and reflects the energy of those who inhabit it. Interior design is a part of our everyday lives in many ways. Our homes, bedrooms, kitchens, offices, and workplaces are all places we live in.

All courses at the Interior Design Institute in Paris are designed to make each room’s interior speak a different language. Our goal is to offer a high-quality educational experience and to attract instructors who can be part of our professional team. We are committed to creating a system of synchronous real-time learning that will satisfy all students. Home Design Institute is committed to being one of the most popular platforms for this type of education. Our courses are available worldwide with just one click.

Our classes are designed to introduce students to the fascinating world of Interior Design, Landscaping Design, and Kitchen Interior Design. They can also explore the many options for programs and techniques, such as AutoCAD Sketchup, 3D Max Modeling, etc.

Why should you sign up for our courses?

Here are nine benefits to learning with us.

Distant Real-Time Learning

Online learning is the new trend in modern-day studying. You can watch the live lecture in a relaxed, pleasant environment at home with a cup of tea. We need to adapt to the fast-paced world we live in. We offer a large number of classes online. We also provide real-time learning in a virtual classroom using the popular ZOOM platform. This method has proven to be successful and is now a popular strategy in the online education market. Our professional classes are also organized in small, compact groups. This makes it easy to understand and enjoyable.

Professional Trainers

We conduct a thorough search to identify the most qualified instructors in each field. The instructors will guide you through the multiple classes divided into modules. Live lectures allow students to interact with each other, ask questions, and receive more guidance about the course material. It is a great benefit to have course material online. This can be in the form of PDFs or links posted at the end of each module.

Enhancing your creative imagination

Our students will be armed with knowledge of Interior Design and a variety of innovative ideas. After completing the course, students will be able to create their own unique projects, design a space, plan a landscape, or even sketch out architectural plans and sketches from scratch. You will learn from our lecturers how to develop your own business and create a project for your client.

Combination of Theoretical and Practical Knowledge

Our Home Design Institute offers professional training to help you gain in-depth knowledge and become familiar with interior design history. They will also give you a perspective on modern trends in home and garden design. The Home Design Institute will introduce you to the most popular technical programs used by specialists and architects, such as AutoCAD, SketchUp, and 3D Modeling, so that you can create your project.

Portfolio and Projects

Our courses will provide you with the necessary guidelines for your project using all your practical knowledge. Each lecture will provide detailed explanations as well as specific practical skills that can transform your career and your future. The last sessions of the course are dedicated to practical work: each student must develop an impressive portfolio and complete their project using all the knowledge learned. Portfolio creation is a key step in the development of our students as professionals in Interior Design.

Digital Certificate at Home Design Institute

Our team aims to provide high-quality yet accessible education so that we can create qualified specialists. This is why every student will receive a Digital Certificate and the opportunity to take the final exam online at the end of the course. He can then post it on his website. This is proof of our success and the positive results we have achieved with all our courses. It grows our audience.

Great Carrier Development

Our courses are the perfect gift for anyone passionate about Interior Design and Architecture. There has been a rising demand in recent years for interior and landscape designers so that each specialist can find their niche in the vast market. Interior Designers interact with other architects, engineers, and clients. This network of connections creates opportunities for all professionals to advance their careers.

Short-Term Free Courses

Imagine you’re still unsure and can’t decide whether to attend our live professional courses. We offer you the chance to take a FREE online course on interior design in this case. Our video recordings of each lecture are accessible to beginners and available at any time. Start a venture, get inspired to start a project, and elevate your business with innovative ideas.

Video Recordings and PDF Materials

You can choose the time that suits you best to study, regardless of which course you enroll in. We provide links to video recordings and PDF materials for those who cannot attend live classes. This flexible approach is designed to meet the needs of customers who have changing schedules and work hours.

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