Best Pillows to Side Sleepers and a Healthy Spine

Your sleeping habits and needs should be supported by the pillows you use. If you prefer to sleep on your side, a pad designed for you will ensure you have the best spine alignment, pressure relief, and maximum comfort all night. These are our top choices for the best pillows for side sleepers.

Side sleeping is the preferred position, but without proper neck and spine support, it can cause aches that make falling asleep difficult or even impossible to wake up from. It is crucial to choose a pillow that provides sleep-friendly comfort and supports healthy spine alignment.

Supportive pillows can not only provide comfort for stress relief, but they can also help you to have the quality of restorative and quality sleep that is essential to long-term health. This article will share our research into the best pillows for side sleepers to help you choose the right pillow for your neck, rest, overall well-being, and more.

Side sleepers need a pillow that offers both stability and comfort. The Layla Kapok uses a mix of plant-based supersoft Kapok fiber and supportive shredded memory foam to provide side sleepers with the support they need. The memory Foam and Kapok combination give you a solid posture foundation. This unique fill mix is extra stuffed and can be adjusted to fit your needs.

Best Neck Pillow – Eli & Elm Cotton Side Sleeper Pillow

To prevent neck inflammation, a pillow’s loft should be able to maintain a person’s cervical alignment while they sleep. Side sleepers will find relief and support with the Eli and Elm Side Sleeper pillow. The pillow has an adjustable loft that allows the user to adjust the protector to provide optimal spinal support. The unique U-shaped design of the pad was specifically designed to provide side sleepers with relief in their necks and shoulders while they rest. The pillow’s natural latex fill supports pressure relief and cradles your neck.

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