How to Dog-Proof your Home when you Get a New Dog

You should be aware that your new dog will chew, dig in the trash, and steal clothes. When you take the steps necessary to prevent these common problems, you and your family will be happier and enjoy a loving environment together. You and your family must first dog-proof the home in order to avoid any French Bulldog issues down the road. We have listed nine tips that can be implemented immediately.

Keep Kitchen Trash Secured

It is no surprise that you should replace your trash can with one that has a better seal. This will not only make it more secure but also help to prevent trash spills. It could also save you unnecessary vet visits if your pet eats the trash. You won’t need to worry about any smells.

Keep Your Laundry Safe

The same goes for the laundry. If you use a lid, your clothes will stay out of the dog’s reach and mouth. You are better off closing the lid on the dirty clothes, as they have the smell of your family and you.

Keep all cords wound together.

Any cord is a great chew toy for your dog, no matter its age. This is because dogs can’t tell the difference between a toy made of plastic and a cord. Even dogs playing will get tangled. You should always keep cords rolled up and out of sight when not in use.

Use A Deterrent Spray

It is a great idea to keep a deterrent spray on hand when you are expecting your new dog friend. This will stop your dog from chewing furniture or anything else that you don’t want to replace. The spray’s bad smell will make your pet think twice before taking a bite. You should test it first, as no two dogs are alike.

Employ Inaccessibility

Installing latches in all cabinets where a dog could access them and get themselves into trouble is the best way to do this. It is important to latch all toxic items, including food and chemicals.

Designate a Secured Space

You need to be aware of the designated space for your dog as soon as you bring them home. This area will be selected for your dog in order to help them adjust to their new environment. Installing baby gates will allow your dog to interact with the family and not feel unwanted. Also, make sure they have some toys to keep them occupied while at home alone.

Keep cleaning rags nearby.

Outside elements can create a mess inside, especially on days when it rains a lot, or your dog has a bad day. These clean rags can help you clean your dog prior to bringing it into the house. Please keep them in an easily accessible place in the foyer.

Utilize Absorbent Pads

It would be best if you prepared for your dog’s messes before they happen. The floor will stay cleaner if you have absorbent pads. These pads are available in different sizes and shapes so that they can be matched to any space plant and are nontoxic.

If you are a non-toxic fan of nontoxicnts, you must stick with non-toxic varieties. This is nontoxic because dogs can get the munchies, accidentally eat one, and become sick. If you can’t change it, ensure that your fauna is always up and away from each other. For extra safety, add some wheatgrass to your dog’s diet. It is great for their digestive health.

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