How to make your home more disability friendly

You may have recently moved home, or an elderly relative is moving in. Either way, your home will need to be more accessible. Your all-in-one NDIS software will help you to streamline service delivery, increase efficiency, enhance cash flow, and result in a higher standard of care.

Many products are available to help. With ramps, automatic doors, and stairlifts in your home, you won’t feel like a burden.

Disabled steps

Installing steps with disabled access at the front of your property will make it easier to navigate the entrance. These steps are also useful for getting around your property. If you do not use a wheelchair, but your disability does affect your mobility and your ability to move around the property, then creating safe supports for high doorframes or doorsteps can help prevent falls.

The disabled steps are available in two types: permanent installation and portable versions that can be folded up and moved to another location.


A stair lift is a great addition to any home with stairs. A stairlift will make your life easier if you are in a wheelchair or have mobility problems. You’ll have the freedom to go upstairs and downstairs as you please without having to wait for others or take too much time.

If you can afford it, you could move into a home with only one floor. Moving out of your home is not the only solution. Stairlifts can be easily installed and are an affordable alternative. Stairlifts are safe and secure, and your relatives will feel more confident that you can move around without them.

Automatic Doors

It can be a daily struggle to reach or pull open doors. Automatic access doors for people with disabilities can make it easier to get into your home, into the garden, and around the property. The doors will open automatically and slide sideways to avoid causing additional obstructions to people in wheelchairs or other mobility devices. They can easily be installed into regular or glass door frames.

Remove Obstructions

There are many ways to make a property more accessible, even without new equipment or installation. Taking obstacles out of pathways and surfaces that need to be accessed can make a big difference.

Likewise, some obstructions may be less obvious. Rugs or carpets with loose threads can easily be a danger to wheelchair users and unsteady people. It is important to remove anything that may cause you or your family members to slip or trip. Loose tiles can cause the same problem, so check that the floor is not uneven, wobbly, or chipped.

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